Phone cheap with your own mobile in south-korea

Prepaid, including internet use, korean phone number and without costly unlocking in korea – we offer a korean sim card, which is unlocked comfortably at your arrival date.


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For business customers

  • essential cheaper than roaming or expensive lend-mobiles
  • employees keep their familiar smartphone
  • card is already unlocked from Germany and is immediately usable by arrival
  • time of unlocking is flexible choosable
  • without cost-risk for the company, because it is a prepaid-card
  • koren phone number is immediately available
  • employees are reachable by, for example, WhatsApp, skype, …
  • fast access to company-datas, for example via VPN

For private customers

  • no contract (prepaid)
  • no basic charge
  • USIM-card with korean phone number ; for example 010-xxxx-4949
  • already usable by arrival
  • recharging per creditcard/voucher (for example GS25, 7Eleven)
  • optional 500 MB or 1 GB internet
  • outgoing calls in korea only 4 won per sec.
  • incoming calls in korea are free
  • additional cred can already be recharged from Germany
  • fast shipping from Germany
Das sagen unsere Kunden

"So far, I had many problems, to reach my company in Germany by mobile. Internet per Romaing was so slow, that I couldn't send E-Mails. Thanks to EGSim, this is not a topic anymore. Fantastic!"

− Mrs. P.

"As non-korean, it very hard, to get a korean sim card in korea. The process is every time again very stressful. With the EGSim, I could manage everything in Germany. A real relief!"

− Mr. T.

"Korea is my favourite destination! With the EGSIM card, I can share all holiday-pictures immediately with my relatives and friends at facebook. Just great!"

− Mrs. M.

You have questions about the sim card or want to request some information? Our team takes care of your requests, we are happy to help you!

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