To every order we settle the most important informations on a supplement.

Preparation and activation

Because of the legal in Korea, Prepaid-SIM cards have to be activated before using too. If the arrival date is defined, the activation of the card can be made. You can define the date of arrival in the activation process, so that the card is first unlocked from this point.


  1. Make a photo from your passport with your mobile – please only the side with the photograph.
  2. Visit the activation website with your mobile:
  3. Confirm the guidelines.

Now deposit the following datas:
a) Mobile phone number
b) Last numbers of the serial code
c) Required switching date
d) ID card (photo)

Please note that you have to activate your card at least 24 hours prior to your arrival 

Compatibility mobile/SIM-card

Please check in advance which card-type you need for your mobile-phone.


Standard / Micro-SIM card
Right now we deliver amongst other things the standard / mico-SIM card. Thus you have a full size, standard (mini) and micro-card, that you can, as required, remove from the punched card.

All Samsung models until finally S5 are supported. The iPhone is supported until iPhone 4.


Nano-Sim card
We also offer to you the nano-sim card format. This format is amongst other things needed for Apple iPhone 5+6 and Samsung S6.


Mobile phone
If the card fits (see above) and  the mobile phone supports the UMTS-standard, it can be used in Korea. There are restrictions with devices with provider simlock – but these are virtually for quite some time not sold from any mobile operator.

Internet via Wifi

By booking of an internet-option you can use the WiFi network of kt/olleh unlimited for 30 days. There is no traffic-restriction for the useful life of 30 days. The authentication usually takes place automatically, so that the WiFi can be used without any restrictions. If there are still some problems, please send the following datas to the EG-Mobile support:


  • phone-number
  • IMEI number
  • mac-address of the mobile
  • manufacturer of mobile / model


The datas are visible on android at the device-settings.


Tablet / Laptop


The using WiFi is bound at the sim-card. So, by using for the first time in Korea, the MAC-Address of the radio link will be transmitted and unlocked. If you want to use 3G or a WiFi connection simultaneously with another device (for example tablet/laptop), you have to share the internet-connection of the mobile (for example via USB/Bluetooth-Tethering) or purchase a separate card for the required device.

Internet via 3G / HSDPA+

By booking of an internet-option are, as desired, 500 MB or 1 GB traffic, for 30 days available. The following datas are already deposited on the sim-card and usually doesn’t have to be registered manually. Check the deposited access points and possibly mark the access point “KT” for the purpose of activation:



Whenever 70% of your volume are depleted, a warning-SMS will be sended t you. After the complete using, the access to the 3G network is blocked and a new charging is necessary. By a blocked access, please use the access by WiFi.


With an iPhone, the APN settings can be blocked, depending on configuration. If this is the case, please visit the website There you chose Korea in the network of “KT”. Now you can retrieve the necessary APN profile and install it.

App / Administration / Charging

For charging and credit check, an App, called “EG SIM card”, is available for Android and IOS app store. The charging can take place per credit card, via Top-Up-Voucher or on your website at the under point of “Service” -> “Charge credit”.

Validity / Extension

The activation of the card has to take place no later than 3 months after purchase. The validity of the card is established on 30 days from the day of the activation. If you want to use the card longer there are 3 options:

1. For EUR 5,- we extend your simcard for another 30 days.

2. Alternatively we extend your simcard for 30 days for free if you recharge your credit for at least EUR 15,-. Please inform the customer service about the desired extension before you recharge your credit.Then submit the recharging via our new Android-App or by our Homepage.

3. For longer stays we recommend the intendet extension with recharge via the customer support.You tell us in advance your length of stay and the required monthly debit amount. The debit amount is fully available as phone credit. The debit is carried out by direct debit. The card will be automatically extended until your departure.

Operator / Mobile network

Operator of the network is the Korean company Evergreen Mobile Co., Ltd., which works as a virtual mobile network operator in the network of kt (Korea Telecom). cludes GmbH is an official distributor and sells the SIM-cards i.a. in Germany.

Further questions / Support-contact

EG Mobile Support




phone: +82-1899-6120


Further Assistance


At further questions in connection with the SIM-card or für card-oder, we also help you everytime.


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